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Ibis Flyer 16th May 2024

How fortunate we have been with the weather in the last couple of weeks. There is certainly a happiness that goes along with the lovely days.

Ibis Flyer 8th March 2024

Anne, Krysha, Georga Bryant (School Council President) and Conor Mullan (long standing School Council member) and I met with a group of parents today to discuss our work and response to the issue in Kirinari. Kerri Collins had several questions from other parents that we discussed along with other queries. I urge all parents to call and make a time to meet or chat on the phone with me if you have any questions or queries that you have not been answered through COMPASS communications. I am always more than happy to meet with parents and families. When we communicate directly and work together, we can solve many issues and come up with great solutions and outcomes for our students.

Ibis Flyer 22nd February 2024

Welcome Back to Balnarring Primary School for 2024 to all our existing community members and our new families that have joined us in 2024! I hope this finds you all in high spirits and ready for another fantastic term at Balnarring Primary School. It brings me great joy to welcome everyone back after the holiday break. It was truly heartwarming to see the excitement and happiness radiating from everyone as families returned in the school grounds.

Ibis Flyer 20th December 2023

Well, here we are, the last newsletter of 2023. I’d like to take this time to thank our whole school community for their ongoing support and the trust that they place in us as educational professionals each and every day.

Ibis Flyer 1st December 2023

There are only 24 days until Christmas! Such a lot to do, so little time. I hope you have all started your Christmas shopping and are gearing up for the festive season.

Ibis Flyer – August 2023

As we embark on another exciting week at Balnarring Primary School, there's plenty to celebrate and look forward to. Our school community is bustling with activity, and we're delighted to share some highlights with you.

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